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Office of Student Advisers

Office of Student Advisers

Under the University’s active efforts to enhance the quality of student care, the Office of Student Advisers was established on August 1, 2014 to provide mentoring and advising for students. Master level professionals with expertise in student affairs, counseling, or education were recruited to serve as full-time Student Advisers for undergraduate students. Student Advisers work closely with the Student Counseling Center, Health Center and Special Education Center to ensure primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention are implemented. They also provide life guidance, career guidance, and emergency assistance. Since the new office was launched, the university has been able to provide better student care, while also providing more variety to career related events and other student related events.



The Student Advisers are responsible for the following:

1) Process students’ leave requests

2) Assistance in college life adjustment

3) Delinquency correction

4) Emergency assistance

5) Referral for financial aid and scholarships

6) Primary prevention for at risk students

7) Other student affairs


Office of International Affairs 02-7749-1282

Student Emergency Helpline 02-7749-3123

Student Assistance:


Regulations for National Taiwan Normal University Advising System

Approved at 112th University Affairs Meeting on 18 June 2014

Amended at 117th University Affairs Meeting on 23 November 2016





Contact information

Chih-Hsiang Huang

Executive Director

Tel+886 2-7749-3129

Chih-Chiang Liang

Associate Director

Tel+886 2-7749-3132

College of Liberal Arts

Alice Hsieh

Department of English

Tel+886 2-7749-3046

Lan-Kai You

Department of Chinese

Tel+886 2-7749-3120

Crystal Ho

Department of History

Tel+886 2-7749-3156

Ciou-Yi Lyu

Department of Geography

Tel+886 2-7749-3121


Chia-Yu Chin

Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature

Tel+886 2-7749-3130

College of Education

Ju-Ying Lin

Education Department

Tel+886 2-7749-3160

Pi-Feng Wang

Department of Education Psychology and Counseling

Tel+886 2-7749-3128

Pi-Feng Wang

Program of Learning Sciences

Tel+886 2-7749-3128

Bi-May Pan

Department of Adult & Continuing Education

Tel+886 2-7749-3145

Shang-Jui Huang

Department of Health Promotion and Health Education

Tel+886 2-7749-3131

Shang-Jui Huang

Transdisciplinary Program in College of Education

Tel+886 2-7749-3131

Shih-Ju Chang

Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Tel+886 2-7749-3138

Li-Min Lee

Department of Civic Education and Leadership

Tel+886 2-7749-3098

Li-Hui Huang

Department of Special Education

Tel+886 2-7749-3127

College of Arts

I-Fu Shih

Department of Fine Arts

Tel+886 2-7749-3140

Tse-Lun Liu

Department of Design

Tel+886 2-7749-3133

College of Technology and Engineering

Janet Wu

Department of Industrial Education

Tel+886 2-7749-3161

Janet Wu

Undergraduate Program of Vehicle and Energy Engineering

Tel+886 2-7749-3161

Shan-Yuan Chuang

Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development

Tel+886 2-7749-3157

Jun-Xiang You

Department of Graphic and Communications

Tel+886 2-7749-3124

En-Tzu Chang

Department of Mechatronic Engineering

Tel+886 2-7749-3162

Jen-Feng Wu

Department of Electrical Engineering

Tel+886 2-7749-3125

College of Sports & Recreation

Ya-Han Tsai

Department of Physical Education

Tel+886 2-7749-3047

Shu-Ping Juang

Department of Athletic Performance

Tel+886 2-7749-6533

College of Music

Annie Liu

Department of Music

Tel+886 2-7749-3134

Chai-Yu Chin

Bachelor Degree Program of Performing Arts

Tel+886 2-7749-3130

College of Management

Wen-Ting Tsai (on leave, filled in by Bo-Ang Lee)

Department of Business Administration

Tel+886 2-7749-3126

College of International Studies and Social Sciences

Chih-Chiang Liang

Department of Chinese as a Second Language

(Program of Chinese Language and Culture for International Students)

Tel+886 2-7749-3132

Hsueh-Ju Chen

Department of East Asian Studies

Tel+886 2-7749-3119

Yi-Ping Liu

Department of Chinese as a Second Language

(Program of Applied Chinese Language and Culture)

Tel+886 2-7749-3045

College of Science

Cheng-Te Hu

Department of Mathematics

Tel+886 2-7749-6536

Yen-Yu Tung

Department of Physics

Tel+886 2-7749-6534

Chi Wang

Department of Chemistry

Tel+886 2-7749-6529

Chen-Ming Hsu

Department of Life Science

Tel+886 2-7749-6531

Cheng-Hong Hou

Department of Earth Sciences

Tel+886 2-7749-6532

Fei-Pao Nien

Department of Computer Science and

Information Engineering

Tel+886 2-7749-6535

Indigenous Student Adviser

Kai-Ting Lee

(on leave, filled in by Bo-Ang Lee)

Indigenous Student Adviser

Tel+886 2-7749-3126

Li-An Fei

Indigenous Student Adviser

Tel+886 2-7749-6530

Administration Staff

Yu-Cheng Wang


Tel+886 2-7749-3136


Ding-Wen Fang

Student Worker

Tel: +886-2-7749-3122