Honors College

The Honors College starts since September, 2015, and now we recruit the 3rd term of students. The Honors College is the pilot of residential colleges planning in NTNU. Honors College is located at Men’s Dorm 3, Gongguan Campus. It was a dormitory which were built 30 years ago.We spent 4 years to renovate and re-opened in September, 2015. Now, the Honors College students and International exchange students live in this dorm.

What we do at Honors College?

3 key elements

Learning Activities

  1. Team Activities (Team discussions、team lectures、Off-campus/company visits)
  2. High Table Dinner
  3. Honors College Lectures
  4. Courses
  5. Camps and cross –themed visits
  6. Performance:Themed Performances(Short speeches)/Graduation Performances

How we do at Honors College

  1. Encourage Learning
  2. Encourage Collaboration
  3. Encourage Interaction


  1. Possess Open-minded manner and Global Mind set
  2. Enjoy interpersonal communication and have multicultural adaptability.
  3. Brave to take responsibilities and excel with leadership skills.