Health Center

To enhance healthcare services for NTNU students and staff, Health Center was established following a resolution in the university’s administrative meeting in September 1957 to provide healthcare and health education services. In order to provide quality outpatient medical services, the university worked with the Lohas Clinic to launch clinic services for NTNU students and staff with a discounted rate at the newly constructed healthcare center building on campus on April 13, 2015. The Health Center has since shifted its role to focus on primary prevention works, including health promotion and specific protection services.

Service scope of the Health Center:

1)     Medical care services: physical check-up and review, defects correction, student profile management and referral information provision, emergency care, epidemic prevention, management of students with special diseases, AED management, medical equipment lending, application for special PE classes, management of breast feeding room, and the organization of blood donation events. The Center also built the “HiCare campus patient service system” that consolidates and documents students’ basic information and medical history and used the system for statistical analysis.

2)    Food hygiene management: Management of food hygiene, individual dietary consultation, diet education and promotion, inspection of water dispenser to ensure water quality

3)    Health education services: Organize health promotion events (e.g. sex education, healthy body weight, anti-smoking campaign, etc.) in line with the MOE’s university health promotion projects; conduct first-aid training courses; provide venue and coaching for the university healthcare internship program. We take a proactive role in reaching out to NTNU community members. For example, we organize a health screening bus to go to all campuses to raise health awareness and to allow students and staff to understand their health situations while offering personalized health advice and health enhancement solutions.

4)    Occupational safety and health services: We are responsible for occupational safety and health services for NTNU workers, such as on-site health services, physical checkup for new employees, general and specific physical checkups for workers, health education and promotion for workers, etc.