Student Affairs Office, Gongguan Campus

The Division of Student Affairs at Gongguan Campus was founded in 1975 when the College of Science was relocated to the Gongguan Campus to facilitate the operation of student affairs and provide timely services to students at the Gonguang Campus. All services at the Gongguan Campus are provided on a synchronized-basis with those at the main campus, including in terms of student guidance, extracurricular activities, etc.

The Division offers the following services:

1)       Assist the facilitation of student life guidance and counseling affairs at the Gongguan Campus

2)       Assist the management of student center, student club offices and equipment lending for student clubs at the Gongguan Campus.

3)       Training students of Honors College

Eyeing the highly-reputed Oxbridge-inspired residential college system, NTNU in 2015 launched the “Elite College” (renamed College of Holistic Education in November, 2016) to offer a brand new study environment featuring integrated living, mentoring, and dialogues with masters.

Learning Objectives of the College—diversified learning, inspirational brainstorming, social practice

1)    Compared to specialized and professional education, the Honors College attaches greater importance to enhancing students’ self exploration and to fostering students’ moral characters. The College also aims to stimulate face-to-face discussions in the everyday living space to diversify their contents of learning

2)    All learning platforms within the College, including living spaces, events and activities, etc. are created with an aim to stimulate more discussions and interactions. This is a place where students can share their passions and dreams, and to find inspirations and creativity through the exchange of ideas.

3)    We value learning through practice and therefore encourage students to apply what they have learned in class to their life. We believe it is important to that students develop a sense of responsibility for the world as citizens of the world, care about the world we live in and respond with social practice actions.

Scope of Learning at the College—group learning, experience and practice and masters’ lecture series

1)    Group learning: Through team-working and interdisciplinary learning, encourage students to identify solutions to problems via brainstorming. Application and practice are highly valued. Project wrap-up presentations are organized to exhibit students’ learning outcomes

2)    Experience and practice: Through building a proactive learning community, organizing team activities and corporate visits, we endeavor to encourage College residents to engage in in-depth thinking and generate innovative ideas via interdisciplinary brainstorming.

3)    Masters’ lecture series: We invite social elites and experts in different fields to dine with College residents and share their life experiences, views on current issues, career developments so that College residents can be encouraged and inspired by such masters. Sometimes industry experts are also invited for smaller-scale talks at the College to share their management, innovations and hands-on experiences.