Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center was founded with a mission to enhance the mental well-being, social adaptation and adaptive development of all NTNU members, providing counseling services for NTNU staff and students based on individual needs (i.e. life, learning, psychological, career, health counseling services).

Service Scope

1)    Mental health promotion:

a)    Mental health seminars: We invite scholar experts to speak at mental health seminars. Students’ counseling needs and staff opinions are used as reference while selecting the topics. Bilateral communication is conducted to assist participants to explore and develop themselves.

b)    Class talks: We organize theme-based class talks to meet students and staff’s physical and psychological development needs. Talk topics and time can be customized to suit participants’ demand.

c)    Electronic and paper-based counseling content: We write counseling articles with our observation of the psychological needs of students and staff over the years, and distribute them via class talks and large mental health seminars. We also have a dedicated counseling webpage with “Chicken Soup for the Soul” content for online browsing

2)    Psychological testing: Psychological tests offer an important way of self-understanding. We offer various types of psychological tests. Appointment for taking such tests and for receiving test result interpretations can be booked online. The tests can be administered on an individual, class, or group basis, depending on the applicants’ needs and conditions. Our staff will arrange the appropriate types of tests and interpret the results for the applicants. 

3)    Volunteer group and volunteer services: NTNU students interested in volunteer services have the opportunities to acquire the counseling knowledge and skills needed to help support their peers in the NTNU community. Eligible volunteers will have priority access to the Center’s resources and services, and help provide services to fellow students

4)    Electronic online platform: The Center’s website offers our service introduction, event information for each semester, and more than 100 mental-health related articles under the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” section. Information about our individual/group counseling, psychological testing, volunteer group, community counseling center is also available online to provide visitors with comprehensive information about mental health. 

5)    Individual counseling: We all encounter difficulties, low moods, or stress in life. Psychological counseling is a process that facilitates people to understand and explore themselves, and to identify better solutions or attitudes when dealing with problems. Meanwhile, it can also foster self-growth. The Center has several professional counseling psychologists and we welcome you to make appointment online for counseling sessions and make good use of the resources to grow yourself.

6)    Group counseling: Humans are group-involved beings. Through interaction with others and people’s reactions, we can better get to know ourselves and other people, and learn to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Group counseling is an experience that can help you find strength to sustain you through difficulties through mutual companionship, acceptance, understanding and trust. Each semester, the Center would organize counseling or workshops based on different needs such as interpersonal relationship, affection exploration, self-growth, stress management, emotion management, etc.

7)    High-risk students and risk management: We provide preventive and emergency counseling for high-risk students, as well as emergency assistance, including students who suffer significant losses, and those with a suicidal tendency. The Center offers crisis prevention, intervention, and postvention services, as well as the necessary supportive environment and protective measures.

8)    Training programs and professional supervisory: The Center provides internship and training programs for graduate students in psychology counseling related programs, and familiarizes psychologist interns with the operations of college counseling work. We strive to cultivate counseling talents by providing regular training on psychology subjects for both in-service psychologists and interns to enhance their professional competencies.

9) MOE commissioned project: Under the Ministry of Education (MOE) commissioned projects, we are responsible for building a network of college counseling professionals in Northern Taiwan to consolidate relevant resources, organize professional workshops and conferences, and provide an integrated platform for students and community members experiencing temporary psychological trauma to offer timely professional training and individual assistance.