Student Services

Life education at every corner of the campus molds a student’s moral character and campus ethics. Therefore, the work of the Division of Student Assistance primarily focuses on establishing leaning paradigms, actively developing various learning solutions, and providing student scholarships/subsidies in order to enhance students’ physical and mental well-being.

Mission Statement

1)    To develop various learning solutions and ensure the functioning of an effective counseling system; to foster in students the adaptability towards life

2)    To provide financial support for disadvantaged students and promote model learning; to promote a five-fold education combining moral, academic, physical, social, and art education to help students achieve a well-balanced development

Service scope

1)    Financial assistance for the disadvantaged: tuition and fee waivers, subsidy, student loans, accommodation fee waiver, assistantship for disadvantaged students, emergency relief fund, the Dreams Come True Scholarship

2)    Multiple sources of scholarship/assistantship programs: various scholarship/assistantship are offered within and outside the university, including Characteristic Development Scholarship Program

3)    Role model selection: select and award outstanding and excellent students

4)    Life education and guidance: freshman orientation, commencement ceremony, university anniversary celebration, academic and career mentoring system, advocacy of road safety and of intellectual property rights

5)    Student welfare services: leave of absence, student merits and demerits, group insurance, military duty, application for overseas travel permit for undrafted men of conscription age.