During NTNU’s inception in 1946, the “Student Disciplinary Office” was established and later renamed as the “Office of Student Affairs (OSA)” after the University Act was promulgated in 1994. The mission of OSA is to facilitate students’ life, accommodation, extracurricular activities and physical and mental well-being. Following the passage of amendments to university organization charter in the 96th university affairs meeting on Oct. 25th, 2006, the following organizations were set up under OSA according to Clause 2, Article 9, for relevant student affairs: Division of Student Assistance, Division of Student Housing Affairs, Division of Extracurricular Activities, Division of Student Affairs on Gongguan Campus, Division of Student Affairs on Linkou Campus and Health Center, Counseling Center, and Military Instructor Office. In Jan. 2011, Center for Holistic Education (Preparatory Office) was founded to promote service education curriculum and devise holistic education programs.

     Office of Student Affairs at NTNU is dedicated to establishing a friendly environment and cultivating responsible citizens and competent leaders. The Office of Student Affairs is organized into the following divisions: